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Apps To Help Event Planners

Published on 09 September 2019

Technology forms such an integral part of our daily lives and event planning should be no different. Event planners can make use of multiple social media platforms and apps, that are widely available, to both enhance event experiences and plan events. Our list includes apps that can be integrated into any function or event type.

  • MobileMonkey

    MobileMonkey, is a tool used for streamlining direct messaging strategy on Facebook. MobileMonkey is most often used for chat blasts, lead list building, and drip campaigns. As an event planner, it can be an effective tool. Millions of messages are sent daily between businesses and customers through Facebook Messenger. Event planners can use MobileMonkey to thank event registrants, share exclusive content, and reach out to potential event attendees with casual relationship-building extras like tip videos or even themed memes.

  • TikTok

    TikTok is the latest trending app and could just be the new Vine. The app is a short, music-backed video creator and has transformed into much more than just viral renditions hit songs. The app is widely popular and could be a great option when targeting your events at younger crowds. Event planners can use TikTok your events by entertaining clips to promote early ticket releases or other exclusive offers for attendees. Also, consider adding your event hashtag to anything you share. The usual social media platform engagement rules apply: follow related accounts, show some love in other people’s comments section, and focus on being authentic in your interactions.

  • Cvent OnArrival Check-in app

    OnArrival is the perfect app for conference organisers. If you’re in need of a comprehensive solution that also syncs with your event management platform for better accuracy and efficiency, then OnArrival is for you. The app eliminates stress, late-night badge stuffing, and long lines by helping you check-in attendees as quickly as possible. The app syncs guest data securely and automatically across the Cvent event management platform. The platform also allows guests a self-service “kiosk mode”, on-demand badge printing and also payment processing.

  • Guidebook

    Sometimes the event planning app you need doesn’t have all the specific tools you need for your event planning company or the features available don’t cater to you. Enter Guidebook. Guidebook is an app building platform that lets you create event apps through a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can create your customized event-planning in 4 easy steps. The platform also allows you to integrate your new app with platforms like Eventbrite, Salesforce and Mailchimp event to streamline event planning and execution.
  • Capsule Photo App

    Capsule Photo App is perfect for event attendees to create shared memories. The app let’s your event attendees create a capsule of images from the event once they download the app. You can get everyone from vendors, your team and attendees to share their photos and event experiences on this platform. It comes in handy for event planners to get a complete picture of the whole event and as well as the attendee experience.

  • Pingg

    Pinng is a good tool for event planners to run events or parties. The app lets you create invitations, guestlists, add gift registries, scheduling reminders and to send thank you messages to attendees. Thisapp would work particularly for wedding planners.
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